Environmental Policy

We are committed to understanding & minimising our environmental impact.

Our commitment and credentials

Our credentials as a low carbon option have been recently tested and confirmed through an independent audit by leading environmental consultancy, Giraffe Innovation Ltd. Their findings showed the Z-CARD® to be 94% more carbon efficient than a standard A4 leaflet.

Z-CARD® Limited is aware of the potential environmental impact of our business activities and has strict policies and guidelines in place to ensure that both our production and services are undertaken in such a manner as to reduce this potential impact as much as possible.

Our large number of production hubs – now at 18 globally – means that we have the unique ability to offer production and delivery locally for most orders. This hugely reduces the carbon emissions of each order, as well as speeding up production times.

We ensure that our production processes meet the highest environmental standards and therefore our main production facility meet both FSC & PEFC accreditation standards.

We are also extremely proud to say that our extended production facilities are powered by their own solar centre with over 23,000 m² of solar panels. With these we prevent the emission of 45,000 CO² every year.

Our Environmental Corporate Policy
Our Environmental Product Policy